Shimla – Queen of hills

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh.  It is called Queen of hill stations by the British. It was summer capital of India before independence. Speaking more about Shimla tourism, I want to bring the attention of the readers towards the Kalka-Shimla Railway. Very proud moment for India as Kalka-Shimla railway is one of the world UNESCO heritage site. UNESCO is an acronym for  United Nations Education Scientific and cultural organization. You would be surprised that during the construction of Kalka-Shimla Railway, 107 tunnels, 864 bridges were build. Train starts form kalka and covering dharampur, solan, kandaghat, barog, salogra, totu, summerhills and finally reaching shimla. It is covering  the natural scenes of mountains and nature in the way and travel is really pleasant. Here are some of the images of shimla tourism.

Mall road, Shimla
Mall road, Shimla

Mall Road Shimla: Mall road is the center of attraction for tourism and also source of income. There are many places to visit. As you can see in the above figure, Christ church is the center of attraction  and let me describe some key points of this church. Second point will be covered for State Library, mall road, shimla. Other points includes statues which will be also covered.

  • Christ Church, Shimla: Second oldest church in north India after St. John’s church in Meerut.   Build in 1857, it is suited on the ridge. Designed by Colonel J.T Boileau in 1844. Clock embedded on  the wall was denoted by Colonel Dumbleton in 1860.
  • State Library, Shimla: Small and colonial type of building. During British rule, It served an important part of the city. One key and salient feature about this library lies in collection of books. It has thousands of rare and old books. It could be described as the cultural center of the city. I am attaching one more image specially for displaying state library, shimla. Hope you may like it.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
    State Library, Shimla
    Cultural Center of the city


  • Indira Gandhi Statue: Full name is Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi (1917-1984).  She was the first female prime minister of India. She was daughter of famous Personality Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. In 1999, She was named as “Woman of the Millennium” by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). She was the wife of Feroze Gandhi and mother of two sons Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi. For better visualization, Please see the following image.
Indira Gandhi
First Female Prime minister of India.
  • Statue of Dr. Y.S Parmar: (1906-1981). He was called the architect of himachal pradesh. He was the first C.M of H.P. He always had lust for the service of people. He organized Satyagraha movement in suket state which ultimately leads to foundation of himachal pradesh in 1948. Salute to such personality.
Founder of Himachal
Son of Himachal

Some other glimpse of shimla in form of images are as below

Lt. Gen Daulet Singh
Military Leadership
Indian Flag
Indian Flag, India’s Proud
Beauty of Mall Road
Scenes at Mall Road
Mall Road, Shimla
Mall Road, Shimla
Nature, Shimla
Nature at its best at Dawn

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